Restoration Services

Master Craftsmen Services, Inc. provides a smorgasbord of services for your project. Our goal is to do the least intrusive necessary, yet meet your objectives.


A piece of furniture that has acquired an odor, whether from mold/mildew or smoke may require a general cleaning and possibly an ozone treatment. Severe damage could necessitate a complete striping and refinishing.


Water damaged areas are restored to match the piece. In severe cases, the entire piece may need to be refinished.

Fire—All damaged pieces can be repaired!

In severe case where an entire section or piece needs to be replaced, care is taken to utilize like wood. This includes age, grain, color, etc.


Furniture at some point in time needs some TLC. This could be due to a broken joint/leg or nicks, cracks and scuffs that our prized pieces may acquire. A spilled liquid that dissolves a finish need not condemn a piece. A missing finial can easily be replicated and matched to your piece to make it imperceptible.

Antique Restoration

Bringing back those sentimental pieces. We understand and appreciate the heirloom pieces. We know how and what it will take to achieve a professional restoration. We know the finishes and the wood necessary to achieve a seamless result.    

Caning and weaving —

Hand caning, pressed or pre woven cane, fiber rush, weave and wicker. Contact our experts in evaluating your needs for restoration.   

Furniture repair —

 Nothing too small or too large. We can offer a number of options for any level of repair necessary in order to ensure the functionality of your piece.

Furniture preservation

The age, type of wood, type of construction and placement of your furniture pieces are essential in determining a plan to protect and preserve your furniture. There are numerous products on the market, some of which will diminish the value of your furniture. Read the succeeding articles on cleaning and protecting your pieces.